Aerial Photography Add-On

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Aerial Photography Add-On


Half hour flight catered specifically to photography, with doors off over Clayoquot Sound & Pacific Rim National Park. A bench that comfortably fits two photographers will be provided on the doors off side for clients. Spouses can be paired up.

July 13th - 8:00pm/8:30 departure.


  1. Keep VR on, & minimize contact with the helicopter as the vibration can be transferred this way. 

  2. Maintain a fast shutter speed 1/1000 second minimum, preferably 1/2000 second.

  3. You don’t need to stop down for depth of field as focus will be near infinity (using an f-stop 1 or two stops beyond wide open should be sufficient) The quality of your lens at a given aperture will be the deciding factor.  

  4. If you use lens hoods/polarizers, make sure they are in good condition and on very tight

  5. Use your camera strap at all times

  6. Have all clothing/gear tightly fastened

*Additional safety briefings & waivers will be provided by local provider.

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